Our solution to climate change?


The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Mt Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby News

Local Business in Support of Climate Action

Pleasant City Coffee

205 W Broadway St, Mt Pleasant, MI.

Serving high-quality coffee from independent growers and roasters. The cozy, family-friendly atmosphere in downtown Mt. Pleasant.

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New Initiative in Planning

Planning is underway on a community-wide initiative to increase the use of clean energy and adopt more sustainability practices.


For more information or to ask how you can get involved – contact (989) 994 – 5858 or mtp.mi.ccl@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

We have no upcoming events right now, check back later to get involved.

What can you do today?

November: Contact or Recontact Congress and President Biden to advance carbon pricing and other legislation as per targeted messages in the link.

You can up the ante by adding the voices of your community leaders into the mix, too. Have your local elected officials, business executives, and faith leaders personally call their members of Congress. This will help to increase support (or reduce opposition) for carbon pricing in Congress.

Take your message to the media, as well, by writing letters to the editor and op-eds to publicize the benefits of carbon pricing and to urge Congress to enact this crucial policy.

This is the best shot we have had in a decade to get climate solutions at the scale we need. As this summer’s hurricanes, droughts, heat waves and wildfires have shown, climate change isn’t slowing down, and we can’t waste any more time getting our emissions under control. Let’s take advantage of this moment and push hard!